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Polyamorous Gleedom

Including Drabble Meme and More

Glee Threesome/Moresome Drabble Meme
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A Glee Polyamorous Drabble Meme

Why a threesome/moresome drabble meme? Because I think Glee could use it.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in fandom, it’s that the best way to end a triangle or a ship war is what we all are taught in kindergarten: sharing.

This meme is devoted to that entire premise; sharing your prompts and your fills with us and letting the characters share and spread the love a little. Did Run Joey Run leave you wishing for a little foursome action? Do you think that Dalton Academy is a better orgy than academy? Tired of listening to the Santana/Brittany/Artie/Tina/Mike drama… I’m sure there’s some sort of agreement these five could come to.

Femslash, het, slash, threesome, moresome, joint dating custody, dysfunctional hi-jinks and fulfilling relationships, friendships, and, let’s not forget, sex. No bashing ships, characters/cast, or fellow fans. Glee is about opening yourself up to joy, so let’s create some here.

♥ Your sappy mod, beckingham

Please direct questions, comments, or anything you want to address with me here.

Part Two is Currently Open

Delicious Account & Filled Prompts

1. No bashing characters, cast, or fellow fans.
2. If you have a community or site to promote, please check with me first.
3. Remember that lj-cuts are your friends. If you have excessive text, pics, icons, or spoilers then you should use them. Don't know what a lj-cut is? Click here.
4. Warn for spoilers. Warn for NC-17 happenings.
5. Make good times, have good times. :)

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